What does wireless charging means?

Its pure magic. You put it on and its works.

What kind of phone can it charge wirelessly?

It can do all everything too, we dive into this deeper.

How can I use it if I do not have wireless charging capability Qi on my device?

With a simple add on. It is a slim foil which goes between the back the phone and the cover.

How can I install it? / mount it/

We do have multiple adapters on or site, if you cannot find it online, than do not get frustrated ask us questions, maybe we do have a solution for that too.

How can I connect it to the electrical system of the motorcycle?

There are multiple ways such as you connect it with a stable fix connection ( recommended), regular cigar lighter or with a mini.

Do I have to install a new electrical resistance to my bike?

No you do not, we do incorporate a protection electronics in our cables, however we do not forbid you to install your own safety fuse, which protects the wire part before the protecting electronic part.

What kind of electricity can I connect the device to?

It can work under 9-48V, which means on the motorcycle around 12V current.

Do I have to buy any installing ad-on above your product?

You will have everything that you need in our box.

What does the E sign stands for?

That is a vehicle safety sign in the European union. Every single part which was put on the market, then installed needs to have this type of quality control. This E sign goes far and have different divisions, such as electrical , mechanical or chemical profiles as well. In our case it is a guarantee, that the device won’t cause any trouble in the vehicle or on the device which is charged with. Therefore, it can be installed worry free. Nowadays motorcycles are equipped with such a sophisticated drive supporting electronics, which must not to be disturbed by any non accredited additional parts. Those non regulated parts can cause major problems, even damaging the device, the vehicle or even you.

What kind of guarantee comes with this?

We offer a 30 day payback warranty, moreover a 24 month guarantee comes with every single product of ours.

How big of charging capability can be counted with?

That is a difficult question to answer. It depends on many things, such as: the phone’s charging coil type, the distance between the charger and the phone, the material of the phone’s cover, based on the temperature, and so for. Our charger is capable to output 7-10W, in ideal case you can count with that. In our experience is that worst case scenario, it will at least keep the device on level which it was originally started from. Most of the time it charging it ( so you will have more percentage when you take it out, than you had before) Right now we are using it with Iphone 11 , with full brightness, navi, bluetooth, and internet connection basically with everything and its charging it nice and smooth.

Can the charger heat up my device?

The 921 will not, the 931 is open therefore it wont. The problem can occur with the 911, however the problem is solved with the 912.

I think the charger won’t be able to charge my phone?

Our experience is It will.

How different is this than the SP wireless system?

The bases are the same. The wireless charger works the same way as our 911 one does. However we are using a 3 coil charger system which increases the output charge, with deducting the loss. On the other hand you would need a holder for this type of charger, a power supply A or C, furthermore a special case, which fits your current phone. That might be good for now, but you might not use it in every day life. All together you would have to pay just a bit under 200 euro, which would give you a plastic set up. Which we all know have set backs during summer days…

It won’t even overheat during summer days? How about under the plastic cover in a hot day?

The 921 and the 931 won’t heat, since it is made out of aluminium, even under the plastic cover it have enough turbulent air flow that capable of carrying out of the unwanted heat. Since this one is a passiv cooling system, the flow is coming from the leading wind, therefore it will heat in a standing position. On the other hand, if you do not go anywhere you are not really motorcycling anyway…

How can you compare your products with the aliexpress ones?

Just like the Chinese life support systems, or protectors. It arrives here slowly and expensive, and you can only realise it that is not what you intended to buy when its already here. On the other hand by using our MCB products you get what you asked for. MCB have uptodate electronical components inside, and it is developed especially for the motorcycle type of usage. To answer your question: The difference is you can track this, have certificates, and arrives fast, and it is for motorcycles.

Can we speed up the process of putting it in and out the phone? With something quick?

The reason for this screw option, is you can even use it with glowes on, one handed. That mission is completed, everything else would harden the process of taking the phone in and out. Moreover it would also make the device more expensive.

Does a waterproof USB soccet is real?

Yes it is. The USB C what we do carry is a completely closed cover, therefore the moister cannot get in from the side either towards the vulnerable electronical parts. Furthermore every connecting parts of the electronics are covered with goldener, which means that the different mineral salts, or acids cannot damage it.

Can we connect the USB charger to the electrical system of the motorcycle?

You cannot just plug it in. You cannot just ad another part to the mix. An USB C is not simply a breakable electronical connection. The parts behind (which are making it work) are making it communication more difficult with the device which is about to be charged. For example: in one USB C has 10 sensors and out of these 6 are responsible for the communication.

How much better is this than a simple cigar lighter usb charger?

This won’t just jiggle out, therefore the charging won’t be broken all the time, and it won’t weight on the electrical system of the motorcycle with transition signals. It completely waterproof by itself without any ad-ons. ( like a silicon cog) If your phone is capable for fast charging than MCB will charge it with 18W.

Can it be installed into the fork brace of the motorcycle?

We are supplying you with a cable tie, on the bottom of the charger it have a stand, which can be turned as you like, therefore it can be applied to anywhere. If you say that nothing can be cheaper than this solution, we take it. However, this is the quickest, cleanest, practices way to be applied to most of the place on your motorcycle. Sometimes less is more. You do not have to invent new things for those problems which have been solved a long time ago.

What kind of damage would the outside use do to the device?

In our chargers absolutely nothing. We are constantly testing them with extreme weather conditions. To model those we are using UV lamps, and high pressure washers. The heat does not bothers the 921, and 931, we are currently changing the 911 to make it more resistant towards the heat.

Were there a case where you used one holder in different motorcycles?

Yes indeed. Put the right console to each bike, or if it does not have a cigarette lighter than insert the cable to to power source. After that there is one screw and a connection which can be dealt with by hand, you can install it from one bike to another.

The phone turned out by itself because of the sun shining on it. How do you protect it from turning off?

In the fully covered phone case overheating can occur, this is why we are working on a solution. With the 921 the wind stream constantly cooles the device, it won’t overheat.
In case of the law binding motorcycle tour neither the device or the charger’s temperature will skyrocket.

Would the vibration kill my phone?

We never ever experienced such a thing to be able to say yes or no. If you think about what do you usually do with your phone daily in a regular day, than to simply put it to your phone won’t make much of a difference. We only have limited data and feedback from our users from the past years, however we did not experience such a thing. My phones were ok so far.

Can it hold my phone when I am doing 300?

Me personally only did 220, but it was holding it fine.

So basically this is a holder which have a Qi charger in it?

To be frank, yes. However, it is rather integrated.

You get it from China right?

No we are researching and developing our own devices.

What happens when the on button or any button is in a wrong place?

We thought long and hard on this problem, to pick the right type of holder, to be able to charge all the currently existing phones. This will be even (if its possible) more applicable for the newer not yet existing phones. Therefore the holders are asymetric, however the designer adviced agains it. Right now there is no problem. However, we cannot foresee the future. We will make special holders if such a case will occur.

Can it work with the Huawei?

It can, whit whatever phone its need an outside inductive coil.

It looks dangerous, is this safe? What happens if I emergency break, or the motor falls?

Everything which is installed to the motorcycle is in danger just like this device. Our law binds that it cannot block the pilot in the riding of the motorcycle. If you mount it correctly it won’t fall out, or block your view. I personally fell twice with the 921 installed with little speed. Nothing happened with the phone, I was happy that it was not in my pocket.

What is your experience with S8?

Well the R and D was done with S7. There is no major gap between the two. With the 921 I had absolutely no problem. No overheating, no flooding, no problems whatsoever. We have a little cover which can be put it on when its rains.

I think the price of the chargers are too expensive, but I love the ram-ball solution. Why is this so expensive?

We would love to lower the price as well, however we put in everything to make it great and long lasting. If you cannot afford it please choose one of our cheaper solutions or try to win it in one of our games.

Can you put on a switch against overheating?

While you ride both the charger and the phone are inside of a big alu box which provides enough cooling. You don’t need a switch you need more gas!

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