What to pay attention to while riding?

Useful tips for riders

We collected some useful tips not only for newbie riders. These can also happen to you, even if you’ve been riding a motorbike for years. Have you ever forgotten on your index? There you are! Let’s see our advice then!

Road conditions

Always pay attention to the road’s surface, as your motorcycle sticks to it with two wheels. So, it’s more important for you what road are you riding on, than it is for a driver. Watch out for oil spots, watery surface, potholes, etc.

Do not use the rear-view mirror only!

We don’t say not to use them, because they are very important and useful, but be aware of the dead angle, too! You might need to change lines or take a turn, but make sure you look over your shoulders backwards and do it quickly because you cannot see what is happening in front of you.
Usually, on the riding exam, you have to ‘exaggerate’ this movement so the exam commissioner can see it well, but be careful because that might take more time to act and it could cause accidents in daily traffic.

Take care of those who turn left

In the case of a vehicle slowing down and turning left, make sure you approach it slowly and carefully. Don’t try to by-pass from the left because you can never know whether it will turn or not. Rather try to dodge it from the right and pay attention to its wheels and the driver.

Pay attention to other drivers and riders

Always make sure you are paying attention to other drivers and riders on the way. Follow where their heads are looking at, what are they doing while riding/driving, etc, so you can be prepared for a possible accident or even avoid it.

Always be aware of the brakes

It might happen often that you have to pull the brakes and react quickly. Keep in mind that even if you’re going with 70-80 km/h, you still move until you reach for and pull the brake.

Therefore, keep one or two fingers on the front brake and keep your right foot above the back brake pedal so you can act quickly if you need to.

We hope we could help with these tips even if you are an advanced rider.

Ride safe!

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