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Wireless charger and console


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It’s not only a new generational charger, but a holder, so it’s the easiest for you to use. You don’t have to buy a case, because it mounts and charges your phone. The electronics are integrated into an excellent aluminium housing, resulting in great durability and good looks.


High efficiency charging

Your phone will be installed right above the charging coils, so it will have the maximum of charging efficiency. The charger is capable of abandoning the maximum of 2000mA, the power consumption will be restricted by the phone’s built-in charging electronics.

Easy to use

Your phone can be placed and mounted safely to your handlebar only in a few minutes. Same with taking it out thanks to the bolt mechanism. The stability of mounting has been proved by more than ten thousand test kilometres.

Quickly installable

We got your back, that’s why we designed the holder to be easily mounted on your bike. You just have to attach your holder to your handlebar using a clamp, and find a cable with 12V to connect to your device. The case is prepared for today’s phones acceptance, check the .pdf below to see which phones are eligible.

Connection to electronic network

None of, Cigarette lighter, Mini cigarette lighter (BMW), Universal, i don't know

Consols for instalment

None of, Handlebar, Mirror mounting bolt, Brake lever chain, Brake fluid reservoir console, RAM ball (the ball only), I don’t know


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