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Wireless charging panel for existing phone cases


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This wireless charger is one of those of the market (76 x 150 mm inner size at least) which can fit into the back of waterproof cases. With the installed charger, the usage of the phone will also be easier as you don’t need a Velcro harness because of the charger and the sponge which are integrated into the back and pushes the phone to the display.


High efficiency charging

Deceases the airgap to optimal for the high efficiency charging, the display’s foil display smoothens which will make the usage of the phone easy. Also, taking on and off your phone will be easier too, as you don’t have anything to do with a harness.

Comfort functions

We suggest you to install the charger into the case permanently, firstly pulling the power cable through the case’s labyrinth seal. Don’t forget to connect the power wire to a cable that has 12V DC when the ignition is on.

Maximum output

The charge bar is capable of outputting 2000mA, power consumption depends on the phone’s charging electronics.

Connection to electronic network

Cigarette lighter, Mini cigarette lighter (BMW), Universal, I don’t know


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