Electrical connection

1. Choose the adequate electronic cable to your motorbike!

If there is a traditional (usually on Japanese motorbikes) cigarette lighter, or mini cigarette-lighter (European motorbikes), and you wish to use that, choose the proper adapter for it.
If you do not have a cigarette-lighter base option on your motorbike, or there is one but you do not wish to use it, you will need the fix mounted cable.
(Tips: Cigarette-lighter base options are not specifically for motorbike environments, because there can be a contact error due to the strong vibration. Also, connecting it on and off might cause an error in the electronic system. And they’re not water free)

WCH-921 mechanical mounting

2. Choose your mechanical mounting console!
We were striving to create the palette of our consoles to make them able to install it to any kind of motorbike you can find on the market nowadays.

• Handlebar console until the size of a 18-30 mm handlebar.

Mirror console for M10 mirror-mounting bolt. After unscrewing the mirror, join the mortise together and screw the mirror back.

• Brake reservoir console. Between 37-73 mm, until the bolt size of maximum of M5. After removing the mounting bolt of the reservoir’s lid, place the console on the lid and mount it with the bolts. You might need another one that is not a dormant bolt. Because of the variety of brake systems, your package does not include this type.

• Clamp console. It can be used between 29,5-33,5 mm bolt distance for bolt M6. Hole distance of the brakes or clamps are usually the same or similar on most motorbikes. Remove these two bolts, join the holes together and put the bolts back. Some motorbikes use dormant bolts, which for the package includes 2 spacer that can help to install it. In that case, the original bolt might not be long enough and you will need to use a longer one. Because of the variety of brake systems, your package does not include this type

• 1” ball/RAM console adapter. If you already have a RAM console on your motorbike, or you wish to use different devices on the same mounted platform, we recommend you an adapter that creates a 1” ball/RAM ball on the back of our product. Tools and other parts for installation are not included with the console adapter!


This product can be used with any case that has an inner size of minimum 70x150mm and has a cable leading hole.
Our products meet these requirements. If you wish to use your own case, please double check the boundary conditions.

The electronic installation of the product is the same as discussed earlier.


This product is only sold with wire connectors, so it has to be connected permanently to the electronic system of the motorbike.

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