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We introduce you the next generation’s phone charger

Wireless chargers are getting more and more popular these days. We get it… it’s not only cool and looks better, but has many more benefits. No cable, no problem. No more accidental unplugging, no contact issues, and last but not least, no twisting cables.

And all of the above packaged into a subtle and sleek design.
It’s called the Motorchargebar!

Here is a short video on how our phone charger works.

Small, strong, long-lasting, and it’s ours!

  • Designed in Hungary, immediate shipping, Hungarian customer service
  • 2-year-old product, 30-day refund warranty
  • Not only we charge in rain, but in flood, you just have to keep your clothes dry
  • 6 years of manufacturing experience, hundreds of thousands of sold chargers prove our quality of products
  • We want to develop, so feel free to tell us your functional and technological ideas
  • International qualification, CE and E10 certification

Wire charger

Our USB C charger is totally waterproof; its golden connectors are really long-lasting. The electronics is protected against over-voltage, over-current, has built-in short-circuit protection and is protected against heat load, but if the source of error ceases, it switches back immediately. It’s truly high-tech!
We give every phone what they deserve, the most effective charging capacity! 5W, 7W, 11W or even 18 Watt! Don’t mind the weather.

Your motorbike deserves it!

Wireless charger

Just touch your phone to the charger surface for navigation, streamed music or phone call. It cannot be any easier. Just drop it on and it’s charging!
It’s not only about comfort… You can’t leave your charger at home if you do not have one. Or if you don’t have the right plug. More importantly, cables can strain the plug during vibration and it can go wrong.

The future is wireless!


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