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Additional consoles for Chargebar

We also offer an additional console set, if you have purchased the holder with a steering tube attachment. The console set offers 4 different mounting brackets: – MCC-109 console for the handlebar mount – MCC-102 mirror console – MCC-104 Brake Fluid Reservoir Bracket – MCC-103 brake/clutch lever console made of aluminum and steel for really harsh environments

BMW RT conzole

The console is specially made for the BMW K1600GT and R12x0RT with clip-on handlebars. It can also be suitable for other engines, see attached drawing according to dimensions you can check.

Clamp console

Bracket for brake and clutch lever mounting bolts. Suitable for most types. Hole spacing 29.5mm – 3.5mm.

Holding bracket

With this holder you can easily adapt your holder to the new device when changing your phone.

Phone holder

Durable phone holder made out of aluminium and stainless steal – Upgradable with MCB-931 USB-C charger – Combinable with the rest of the MotorCharge Bar mounts – Mountable for bikes, and electric rollers too – Vibration safe design

Powerful USB-C Charger for motorcycles

Travelling by charger, so we think of those who don’t fancy wireless techniques. We recommend our newest model, a charger with USB C plug that’s been created for motorbikes.

Smart Power Cable

Smart Power Cable keeps the device off until the input voltage rises above 13.8V (motor start) and turns off when the input voltage falls below 13.2V (motor stop). The product is suitable for the simple, automatic controlled connection of all subsequent electric devices, should be only used by running engine. The reverse polarity protection protects your battery if the ring cable lugs are connected to the wrong battery poles. An automatic fuse is built in (3 amps).

SpringLock phone holder

Our newest cell phone holder in 4 sizes! Based on our customers' feedback, we developed our newest motorcycle and bike phone holder! Thanks to the button design, you no longer have to worry about your phone and it can also be expanded with wired charging. Reduced weight, but still made from stainless steel and aluminum, designed to last! Check the description to see which size is suitable for your phone.