Why is it good to have a wireless charger on your bike?

Why is it good to have a wireless charger on your bike? First, it looks better because you don’t have any cables to tangle You can hide the contact error inside the wireless charger You can’t accidentally pull down because it doesn’t have a cable Our newest generational charger has the most subtle design Are you interested in it now? Check our products: How to choose a wireless charger? What certifications does it need? Be capable of high-efficiency charging Have trustworthy electronics, preferably integrated into an aluminium housing Be waterproof, so it can be used in rain as well Easily installable, but securely mounted Have CE and R10 (E-sign) certifications Are you interested in it now? Check our products: USB charger with cable vs. Wireless charger What is wireless charging? Wireless charging is a process with we can reach the battery’s charging without using a cable. It makes it possible for our phone to accept the charging from the charger. It’s also called ‘inductional charging’. Its biggest benefit is that it’s easier than charging with a cable. Wireless charging is specifically safer than traditional charging The process is simple in the case of wireless charging because we just have to put our phone on the charger. How to test wireless chargers? As it’s a wireless charger, check the aluminium housing before installing it (e.g does it have any scratches or crack on it?) Check the parts for mounting In the case of installing with a case, check the sponge in its back Don’t forget to check the installed charging electronics’ current consumption of the phone See the accessories:

What to pay attention to while riding?

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