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MCB-925 XXL phone bracket with wireless (Qi) charger and vibration absorber for motorcycle


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The device can be easily mounted with the appropriate adapter on or near the steering wheel. After you have inserted your phone, the charging process starts automatically if your phone is suitable for it. Otherwise, you can buy and use an external adapter from our range.

– Maximum power: 15 watts
– Input voltage: 9 V
– Output voltage: 5 V
– Telephone minimum width: 1 mm
– Maximum recommended phone width:90 mm

Vibration damping

for wide telephones

it can be rotated 90 degrees

New inventions:
– The real bracket for your XXL phone, like PRO,ULTRA or NOTE
– It keeps your phone COOL very GOOD looking
– We have developed an elastic connection between the holder and the consoles that can absorb high-frequency vibrations
– The mounting point of the holder has been moved to the center of the holder/phone, reducing vibrations
– The holder can be fixed in two different positions, has an angle 90 degrees, i.e. the position of the phone can be stationary or laid
– The holder has been tested and attested by the Wireless Power Consortium to the functionality with Qi 1.2.3

Phone fixture:
The holder clamps the phone with a screw thread. The design includes a special washer to fix the screw, as screwing on behalf
of vibrations cannot loosen up. This layout is both safe and easy to use with one hand and in a leather glove as well.

Attachment to the vehicle:
There are ten different generic and multiple motorcycle-specific solutions available to clamp the product on the motorcycle
or a bike. Learn more about these help

Electrical connection:
We offer three different options for connecting to the electric system of the motorcycle. Learn more about these help

For the customer a mandatory guarantee applies on a legal basis. The duration of the guarantee period is 1 year from the date of
delivery, other side the duration of a warranty is 2 years from the date of delivery. Both the warranty and the guaranty apply to
defects in the product that may have arisen during the manufacture, assembly process or due to hidden defects in the original
parts. This guaranty and warranty do not apply to defects caused by irregular use.
How does MotochargeBar act in the event of guaranty and/or warranty claims?
MotochargeBar replaces the defective product in the event of both guaranty and warranty
(i) for the same product for which the claim has arisen;
(ii) or by of your consent with a new/following model with at least the comparable functionality,
You can assertyour guaranty or warranty claim by means of a proof of purchase (invoice, deliverynote).

Consols for instalment

Handlebar mount, Adjustable mount bolt, M8 mount, Brake fluid reservoir console, RAM ball (the ball only), I Fork stem 14-18, Fork stem 18-22, Fork stem 22-26, I don’t know

Connection to electronic network

Cigarette lighter, Mini cigarette lighter (BMW), Universal, i don't know


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